Apps Like Showbox: Top Alternatives For Android & iOS

Apps Like Showbox: Today online movie streaming has become one of the most modern trends. Many people are getting attracted towards online movie streaming due to its incredible advantages. In the case of online movie streaming, you can see your favorite movie whenever you want. Showbox is one of the leading applications in online movie streaming on mobiles.

Many people have enjoyed the service of Showbox. But today some reports say Showbox is not performing so well. Today there is some online movie streaming solutions in the market which are being considered as one of the best alternatives for Showbox. Following are the applications which are considered as one of the best alternatives for Showbox APK.

Apps Like Showbox For Android & iOS

Showbox has been the best source of Movies from the past few years. But recent changes from the developers have messed up the things with Movie streaming. For that reason, people are looking for the useful apps similar to Showbox.Apps like Showbox

Terrarium TV

In the beginning, Terrarium TV was the best source of TV shows. Now, the developers of Terrarium TV APK added HD Movies that you can stream to any device for free. Just download the .APK file of Terrarium TV Shows App from the official download link.

MovieBox App

MovieBox is considered as a perfect alternative for Showbox. The features of MovieBox are much similar to Showbox. The best part about using Movie Box is you can also enjoy new movies by using this application. Besides online streaming, there are also some exciting options available such as movie reviews, ratings, subtitles and much more about each movie. You can watch the movie in various video quality options such as 720 p, 480 p and so on. The only problem with MovieBox is it is only available for iOS platform.

PlayBox HD App

PlayBox HD app is another great alternative for Showbox. The best part about this application is it is available for both, Android as well as the iOS platform. PlayBox is a great source of entertainment. The features of PlayBox are much similar to Showbox. It lets you enjoy one of the best collections of movies and videos of real qualities.

Crackle App

If you are looking for great alternatives for Showbox, then Crackle is the best solution for you. The application is full of fantastic features. It is one of the broadly used applications that have got more that 20-30 million, active users. There are many useful features in Crackle for movie fanatics such as you can add the desired videos to your wish list which you can refer to watch those videos later. The application is available on both platforms; Android and iOS.

Movie HD App

Movie HD is one of the most attractive alternatives for Showbox. The app has a huge user base and is a great source of entertainment. You can find a huge collection of movies on this app. The quality of the videos is quite good. The app offers many exciting features such as you can create a wish list to watch your favorite videos later, and it also allows you to Chrome cast the videos to your TV. Movie HD App will let you watch your favorite movie on the big screen. The application is available on Android as well as the iOS platform.


Movietube is an attractive solution for the full-time entertainment. It is the best alternative for Showbox. The best part about the application is it is available on almost all the leading operating system platforms.

  • There are other Apps like Showbox such as Cinema Box HD & Mega Box HD to watch free Movies on the Mobiles.


In this era, you do get alternatives for anything. You ask for something and if you have to pick from best list. In the case of Showbox, these are excellent examples if you want to use any other application. These Movie applications can be used on Amazon Fire TV as Showbox,

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