Best Video Players For Showbox

Best Video players for Showbox which will allow you to experience the best user interface. We guess you have already installed the Showbox app on your android device. Installing the Showbox is not sufficient as you need to choose the best video player to enjoy the streaming.

Maybe you are looking for the Video players that are compatible with the Showbox Apk. Your search ends here as we are providing the list of those video players in this tutorial and also here we will show you how to fix Showbox Mx Player error.


In the Google play store or Apple Store, you can find a lot of video players for your device. But, you may not aware of pros and cons of those apps or else you don’t have the time to analyze it.

Best Video Players For Showbox (Android Or iOS)

For your assistance, we are providing the list of best video players for Showbox with the proper information. So that you go through each and every player as to select the best one among those.

  • MX Player

We guess you are all aware of the MX player as it has been used as a default video player since a long time. It is considered as the first and best video player which is compatible with the Showbox application. MX Player App has the best user interface where you can adjust the brightness, volume and seek subtitles. If you use this as a default player for Showbox then it will allow you organize your videos player will recommend you the latest updated videos to watch. Also, you will be provided with the Start Over option with which you can play the video from where you have stopped it earlier. If you have a moderate internet connection then it is easy to buffer the videos on MX player through Apps like Showbox. Just set the MX player as default player, click on Watch Now option on Showbox app. That’s it, you will be navigated directly to MX player.

  • GrowBox

This GrowBox app has released recently in the market developed by altruistic developers. It has got the same features similar to MX player and is available for free on the Internet. As the MX player stopped supporting Showbox. GrowBox app was developed and introduced in the market. Now, MX player is not supporting streaming Showbox movies to big screens.

The people who are looking for the app having the same features of MX player can go with the GrowBox app. It is available for you on the Internet at no cost so that you can download it easily. Also, you can upgrade the app later by the names GrowierBox and GrowiestBox.

  • VLC Media Player

All the PC user are aware of VLC Media Player that plays videos, audio, and everything else. Not only for PC users, VLC Media player is also available for the android users right now. If you are an android user then you can download the VLC Media player from the Google Play store.


We recommend you to set this player as a default Video player for Showbox on PC. You will get to know the amazing features of VLC once you install it on your mobile. It has got the best user interface which makes you feel comfortable. You can play the videos of Showbox using VLC media player by making it as a default player.

These three are the best Video players for Showbox application which will give you the top-notch streaming experience. You can choose any of those players and make it as the default player for Showbox. Share your opinion on this article in the comment box provided below.

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