TED, Riveting Talks By Extraordinary People

TED is one of the thrilling Android TV apps by TED conferences LLC. This app gives you access to watch over 1100+ talks by remarkable people in the world, wherever you are.

The app is regularly updated, and its contents include great talks by tech geniuses,  education radicals, medical mavericks, music legends, business guru’s, and other remarkable minds in the world.  You can find thousands of inspiring talks in TED: videos that can feed your curiosity, help you in exploring innovative concepts, and in expanding your world. Check out Hallmark Movies Now app, which is now one of the leading apps for seeing films.

The TED’s app can adapt to all kinds of Android devices and makes it feel familiar and natural to users across different kinds of devices. You can find the TED app on Google’s playstore, or the Amazon Android App store. These days apps are avail for all purposes, you can even date using this Tinder app on android mobile at no cost.

The TED app has functionalities that are well-tuned for mobile audience and gives access to offline viewing and browsing. It also allows audio-only engagement: for users out for a jog, to work, multi-tasking, to listen to the TEDTalks.

TED’s app has lots of interesting features, and these include:

Videos that are up to the minute— Talks are been published daily on TED, and as an Android user, you get to see newly published TEDTalks once they are published immediately online.

Browsing and Searching— As an Android user, whether you are offline or online, you can still browse through the TED Android app- by tag, theme, popularity or rating- and you can also search for TEDTalks by the name of the topic or by the speaker’s name.

Easy to share feature— After watching a Talk on TED, and you feel that it is inspiring, you have the option to share directly to Facebook, Twitter or through email.

Bookmarking— Another nice feature of the TED app is the bookmark feature. If you find an interesting Talk on TED and you happen to be busy, to save time the TED app allows you to save the Talk and watch it later whenever you are ready to do so. All you have to do is Mark and Save the video. To access bookmarked videos, all you have to do is check out your “My Talk’s” tab.

Viewing offline — the TED Android app is created in a design that supports a mobile lifestyle. It lets you download videos of your choice and watch them later.

The TED Android app has lots of features that are much interesting and is worth making use of.

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