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Technology is a disruptive innovation that has changed the outlook of the world permanently. Consequently, every economic and social sector has jumped onto this tech bandwagon, and business entities are no exception. Organizations worth their salt have incorporated tech into their daily operational model, including human resource functions. Therefore, it comes as no surprise to find United Parcel Services adopting a similar trajectory by having the UPSers employee platform.

UPSers Login Portal – www.UPSers.Com

The UPSers.Com is a human resources gateway designed for United Parcel Services company staff. UPS is among the largest parcel delivery chains in the USA. The platform strictly proves exclusive to the company staff and vendors. As an employee, you can get crucial information such as payroll information and other services like requesting leave, raising tickets, managing employee benefits, etc. The gateway requires employees to have and key in their login details to access some of the enumerated functions. But what types of benefits can an employee derive from using this UPS employee gateway?

UPSers Employee Login

UPSers Login Guide

It becomes crucial to log in before accessing features of the employee login at UPSer. Follow this guide to successfully login into your account.

  • Get your digital device ready (whether your laptop, smartphone, or tablet) and open your browser. Then, open the official webpage.
  • Pick your preferred language.
  • Key in your user credentials and your password.
  • Click on the login button, and upon the positive validation, you will get redirected to another dashboard.    

If you are a new employee without an account on the employee gateway, you cannot access the platform. It thus becomes crucial to sign up to open a new employee account. You can accomplish this by following these steps.

UPSers Employee Sign-Up Guide

You can face an arduous time trying to login into the UPSers’ platform without the login credentials. The task can seem worse if you have no idea how to go about it. But, to successfully get your user credentials for your account, signup by following the steps below.

  • Open your browser on the digital device you have and search for
  • Scroll down to the “new PIN and user ID” section
  • You then have to complete the form provided by entering the relevant personal information under the “employee type,” “the last name,” “enroll date,” “birth year,” “I work in,” and “employee ID,” etc.
  • Click submit and wait for your PIN to get displayed 
  • You then have to write down or note your PIN and user ID somewhere to help you with the signup process. Ensure that wherever you decide to write them down proves private and not easily accessible to prying eyes. 
  • Now that you have your user PIN and ID, open your browser again and search for
  • Pick your preferred language.
  • Enter your user credentials (User ID and PIN) initially generated. You then have to click the login beacon.
  • Select the button christened “agree to terms & conditions.”
  • You will then need to enter your work ID and email address
  • Pick the challenge questions before proceeding to furnish the relevant answers
  • Develop a robust password
  • It becomes crucial at this point to note the password and other vital login details for future logins. However, ensure that the details get secured from prying eyes to avoid any hacking into your account.
  • You can now use the email address provided and the passcode to access your account on the platform’s homepage.

For more details visit the UPSers signup guide page. Forgot Password

You can always forget your password, but if you cannot retrieve it for whatever reason and get locked out of your account, it becomes prudent to reset it. So how can you go about this?

  • Open your browser and visit
  • Once the page opens, go to “forgot password” and click on it.
  • Key in your user ID before proceeding to submit the details
  • Another display page will appear, and here, you have to answer the challenge questions earlier set.  Try the best you can to provide exact answers to avoid getting locked out of the account.
  • In any case, you get locked out; you have to contact the technical help department for assistance. 

Benefits of

You can only use once you become an employee of UPS. Because of this, you can derive plenty of benefits from using this platform as an employee of the organization. Benefits include the following.

  • UPS tuition help/assistance program. The program assists UPS employees in advancing their education. It’s an ongoing program that emphasizes recruiting, re-training and developing qualified individuals. In addition, it aims at ensuring the sustained growth of the organization. You can benefit from this program as a part-time union and part-time management staff. Additionally, you can also get into the program as a full-time employee who is non-unionized.
  • Wellness and health programs.  You can enjoy wellness and health benefit plans as a UPS employee and subscriber to the employee gateway. Benefits under this category range with diverse employee groups. UPS’s medical plans include medical, vision, dental, life insurance, accident, sickness insurance, and lasting care insurance. It also has lasting disability besides inflation coverage, elder/child care spending accounts, cancer insurance, programs on work-life balance, and business travel insurance covering accidents.
  • Savings and compensation programs. As a UPSer.Com user, you can get access to the following beneficial programs. First, you can enjoy the staff’s discounted stock acquisition plan. The company believes that employee ownership of the company in the long-term will contribute to its growth and success. Therefore for staff members to join in and share both risks and profits increases their commitment to work for the company. Second, you can also benefit through the DESPP and the 40sk plan. The saving plan secures the future of staff members besides helping them invest their money appropriately. Finally, you also enjoy competitive salaries and compensation plans as an employee besides enjoying the profit-sharing MIP or Managers Incentive Strategy/Plan.   

It becomes crucial to note that the benefits enumerated here do not apply universally to all cadres of employees. Additionally, the benefits can change at any particular time, depending on the company policy.

How to Contact UPSers Support?

If you have any questions that need clarification, you can contact the UPSer customer support at 1-800-742-5877 for pickups and 1-800-782-7892 for international shipping. However, for technical assistance, you should call 1-877-289-6418. For other forms of inquiries, go to the official website and ask questions on the platform.

How to Apply for UPS Jobs?

If you have the necessary qualifications and need a job at the organization, you can visit UPSers’ job portal. You then have to go to the ‘careers and jobs’ portfolio to see what vacancies exist. Then, pick your city and state that you prefer working in and submit. Here, you will get all the relevant vacancies and positions, and all you will have to do entails following the instructions as provided to apply. 

FAQs on

How can I log into my UPS employee?

It is pretty simple; all you need entails visiting the official web page at, picking a relevant language, entering your user credential and password before logging in.

What is the UPS employee website?

It entails a virtual gateway accessible and used by staff from the UPS. In addition, the company engages in the delivery of packages and (SCM) supply chain management. 

What is the UPS employee app?

It is a go-mobile app that delivers the most recent updates and news about UPS.

How can I access my UPS paystub online?

You only have to visit the UPS employee portal to check your paystubs. But, first, check the number of hours worked and your pay rate to confirm the accuracy of the payslip.

Technology has played a critical role in streamlining the human resource functions at UPS in the same way it has to plenty of organizations across the globe. Therefore, set up your employee account at and enjoy the benefits that accrue from it.

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