Which is the Best NOAA Weather Radio to Buy?

Weather radios are designed to receive weather alerts concerning natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornados, storms, and more. But considering there are so many weather radio models nowadays available in the market, it can be not very clear whether weather radio would be best suited for your needs. The best NOAA weather radio to buy is the FosPower Emergency Solar Hand Crank Portable Radio.

This article can help you find out the best NOAA weather radios available in the market.

How to Choose the Best NOAA Weather Radios?

Most weather radios have an emergency weather alert button that you can push to receive weather alerts. There are usually four alert types:

Raw Alert: This is the most basic alert where you get general alerts from emergency services. This might be the type you require if you live in a tornado and tornado alert zone. If the weather alert is not of an emergency nature, the signal will be issued in the name of NOAA. This type of alert is not read out loud like the other ones. The only way to hear it is to look for the alert.

Public Safety Broadcasts: This alert type informs you that the weather alert has been issued in the name of NOAA. This type of alert is used when there is no natural disaster.

Nationwide Alerts: This weather alert informs you of general weather conditions for all NOAA regions worldwide. In other words, the weather alert is issued in the name of NOAA. You can get this signal by just keying in the weather alert button on your weather radio.

Specific Regional Alerts: This weather alert informs you about the weather situation of a particular region. For example, if you live in Arizona and have a dust storm, you will receive this alert mode. This alert tells you that there is a dust storm in Arizona and that you should avoid these circumstances.

Advantages of Buying Best NOAA Weather Radios

  • A weather radio can be used as an information center. You can use this device to get weather reports if you live in a high-risk area. This way, you can also be well aware of what is happening in your neighborhood and take the necessary steps or precautions.
  • You can know if there is an incoming storm, a cold front, or a hurricane with a weather radio. There are no other ways of learning about things like these other than the weather radio.
  • There is a lot of information regarding the weather and nature available to you on the weather radio. You never know when that information is needed. You may save lives if you know what is about to occur.
  • Weather radios are also used to get emergency information about floods, tsunami, drought, and other conditions in the surrounding areas. They are also used to knowing about things like earthquakes and other disasters.
  • Having a weather radio also assists in you getting ready for emergencies. Knowing what is about to occur often puts you in a better position. You will have a far better chance of avoiding a mishap.

Features to Look for When Buying Best NOAA Weather Radios 

  • Make sure that the weather radio has a high-powered, strong reception. It would be best to have a strong signal to get the minute details of the available information.
  • You would not want your radio to be heard by many other people because it is possible that you could miss the alert. Most weather radios broadcast in the VHF airwaves, which other radios can also access.
  • Sometimes, amateur weather radios may be broadcasted at a frequency allowed by the US Federal Communications Commission. However, the best NOAA weather radios are made specifically for emergency use and are designated by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).
  • Although there are many weather radios, they are all susceptible to affecting radios. In other words, weather radios are just radios and will stop working if there is a lot of interference. They may also stop working if they are not handled correctly and properly.
  • The best weather radios can be updated continuously without interruption during an emergency. This means that as time goes by, the weather information broadcast is relevant and accurate.

Best NOAA Weather Radios Available at Amazon

FosPower Emergency Solar Hand Crank Portable Radio

FosPower Emergency Solar Hand Crank Portable Radio

Using this emergency radio is like a breeze; it is so simple in functionality. It is also bright in color, has clear options, and presents a nice, comfortable touch. This emergency weather radio includes a battery pack charger as well. You can use this charger to charge a cell phone and a rechargeable lithium battery pack.

I have personally used this radio for about ten days with my iPad. I took this emergency radio along on a boating trip and enjoyed listening to the NOAA weather radio on the long journey.

The emergency radio’s back has a nice-sized storage area perfect for your important survival items on any journey. When I took this emergency radio for camping, I loved how it became a great addition to my bag pack.

One downside of this radio is the lack of a headphone jack, so there is no way to listen to the private radio.

Midland WR120B/WR120EZ – NOAA Emergency Weather Alert Radio

The best thing about this Midland NOAA emergency weather alert radio is its SAME EZ local programming capability. You no longer need to search for NOAA Alerts on your computer or your phone; click on the buttons on the knobs to listen to a specific weather alert via a menu. Hold down the buttons to hear various weather warning types, including Severe Thunderstorm Watch, Severe Thunderstorm Warning, Tornado Warning and Flood Watch, Flash Flood Watch, Flash Flood Warning… etc. Every time you get a warning, WR120 will play a sound automatically.

A plus point of this radio is setting customized alerts on the radio. For example, you can select only flood-related alerts.

However, before you buy this, you must know that this radio starts beeping if it does not receive any NOAA alert for 2 weeks. To stop this, you will have to unplug the radio, remove the batteries and reprogram it all over again.

American Red Cross Emergency NOAA Weather Radio

I am pleased to write a review about this fantastic product called the ‘American red cross emergency NOAA weather radio with USB smartphone charger.’ I had a hunch this item would be awesome, but until I tried it, I had no idea. This is AWESOME.

This radio became my favorite after the first use. The product is made with quality materials, and the craft is superb. I love that this Red Cross weather radio is made of ABS plastic, and it is nice that it specifies that it’s made of high-impact plastic.

This Red Cross radio is stronger than I expected; it is medium-weight for a device its size and feels sturdy.

Midland – WR300, Deluxe NOAA Emergency Weather Alert Radio

This weather radio comes with SAME digital technology, user-selectable warning systems, and 23 programmable locations. This means you can do custom programming for the alerts in your area. It has 6 alert tones that you can change. These settings are adjustable for all alerts, and there are 7 choices for the siren style. So it can even be set up for “weekend only” and “business only” settings. It even comes with a free app for iOS and Android mobile devices.

Midland – ER210, Emergency Compact Crank Weather AM/FM Radio

The Midland – ER210, NOAA weather radio is excellent all around and highly recommended. Its solar panel surface has been recessed and is smooth, rather than textured, to ensure that you can easily place the solar panel on a pole or other object without damaging it. The hand crank will give you the ability to charge your radio at night instead of requiring you to depend on the solar panel for recharging. Simultaneously, the solar panel will provide light when the power goes out, causing you to be more aware of your surroundings.

The NOAA weather scan automatically detects and locks onto the most vital weather band channel, then sounds an alert to let you know. The weather alert will sound an alarm indicating a risk of severe weather in your area.

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